Talent Development

Building a talented workforce for an industry on the move.

About The Initiative

We partner with schools and universities to provide educational opportunities across the spectrum that meet the industry’s needs—engaging students early on, helping them transition into meaningful careers and providing opportunities to keep learning after college.


Capitalizing on the interrelatedness of K-12 education, career/technical education and university education to develop the next generation of industry leaders and team members.

We accomplish this through:

  • STEM and experiential education in grades K-12

  • Workforce development for secondary and technical school

  • Think Ortho campaign to engage college students with programs and internships

  • Expanding and improving the effectiveness of experiential learning projects

  • Developing or modifying curriculum with our academic members

  • Professional and social programming for co-ops, interns and young professionals

  • Engagement with academic members through faculty, projects and workshops


Our initiatives and projects are driven by our research to provide outcomes that help advance orthopedics and meet the needs of stakeholders in our community.
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