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Our People

Everyone involved is an industry veteran executive from the area, each with at least 25 years of industry experience and who bring a wealth of knowledge to address the many challenges of a start-up. OrthoWorx has experts in the fields of research & development, manufacturing, quality systems, intellectual property & general legal, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, and sales operations as part of AccelLINK™

Our Network

Our connections are rich within the Northern Indiana region, but also extend throughout the world, and can be tapped by our start-ups for an even broader range of benefits. Our network includes experts in regulatory and clinical affairs, specialized manufacturing and testing services, as well as investment bankers and OEMs for potential exit;

Our Capital

Our Capital is ‘smart’ and will be managed by an affiliated group of investment professionals and successful musculoskeletal health industry executives who add value by sharing their own experience with and providing guidance to start-up partners. This set of musculoskeletal industry-specific resources is unmatched and is accessed by our qualified partners to accelerate results.