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What Drives OrthoWorx

Charting the Journey

The Evolution of Orthopedics in Warsaw

Innovative Spirit

The birth and growth of the orthopedic industry in Warsaw were fueled by groundbreaking ideas and pioneering techniques in medical device manufacturing.

Community Synergy

The local community’s support and involvement played a pivotal role in nurturing and growing the orthopedic sector.

Global Influence

Warsaw’s orthopedic industry has shaped global healthcare trends and practices, particularly in joint replacement technologies.

Economic Impact

The orthopedic sector’s expansion in Warsaw has been a significant driver of economic growth and job creation in the region.

Continual Growth

The industry’s evolution is marked by constant advancements in technology, research, and development, underlining a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

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At OrthoWorx, we're driven to be Northern Indiana's catalyst for the orthopedic industry seeking to equip, enrich, and accelerate its movement to MedTech and advancing the Orthopedic Capital of the World® for generations to come by fostering a welcoming and inclusive social environment focused on sustained economic opportunity.

Bob VitouxPresident and CEO

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