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Making our community a more vibrant, vital place to attract top talent.

Faith for All – Diversity Discussion Feedback
If you previously attended our Faith for All diversity discussion and would like to help us plan similar future events, please check out our online survey here. Thank you for your help!

About The Initiative

We’re making and promoting quality of life improvements in the Warsaw area, so our region continues to compete in the global marketplace. We provide programs and social events to connect interns and young professionals with opportunities right out of college. And we’re leveraging resources to make life even better here by conducting studies that spark positive change in our region and beyond.


Elevating our quality of life in Northern Indiana to continue attracting, recruiting and retaining talented people ready to work on a global scale.


Our initiatives and projects are driven by our research to provide outcomes that help advance orthopedics and meet the needs of stakeholders in our community.
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