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OrthoWorx Diversity Committee Presents 2023 Peace BuilderAwards at Warsaw Community Schools

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OrthoWorx Indiana Posted by: OrthoWorx Indiana 1 year ago

The OrthoWorx Diversity Committee is excited to announce the sponsorship of the 2023 Peace Builder Award at Warsaw Community Schools. This award is presented to one student at each of the Warsaw Community Schools and acknowledges their empathy builder characteristics, aligns with Warsaw Community Schools values and furthers the objectives of the OrthoWorx Diversity Committee.

The Peacebuilder Award recognizes students that have shown outstanding citizenship and modeled the value of diversity through the willingness to accept and include fellow students and school staff. They have created a culture of helping other students thrive in value, self-esteem, self-worth, purpose, healthy relationships, and leadership qualities. Embracing diversity increases creativity and productivity, providing a welcoming environment for all people.

This award targets a student that has exemplified Warsaw Community School’s ‘Empathy Pillar’ as they “acknowledge others’ feelings, emotions, and experiences as valuable and as a result, all individuals understand, relate, and/or are moved to action by experience and perspectives outside their own.” These students recognize what results from a lack of empathy in themselves and others and know that they are at their best when they deeply understand others inside their
classrooms, community, and the larger world.

The OrthoWorx Diversity Committee is proud to sponsor this award as it directly aligns with the main objectives of the group. The committee is a collaborative effort between community organizations, Kosciusko County schools and local industry to support and create awareness around diversity and promote inclusive practices throughout Kosciusko County, to ensure a welcoming community that supports its people and global industries.

The group is grounded by three objectives:

  1. Identify diversity-focused activities, events and services and to help communicate those to the community,
  2. Through promotion of inclusiveness in our community, help to retain and attract a diverse workforce,
  3. Help increase community enhancement through inclusion and diversity awareness. The partnership with the schools is critical as it’s known students can have a significant impact on the community.

“As a OrthoWorx Diversity Committee member, it’s great to see across the community how other take initiative to be welcoming and inclusive – particularly with these students that are leaders themselves in ensuring peers thrive and all members of the school have a sense of belonging,” said Warsaw City Council Woman, Diane Quance. “Dhanishka Sudarsan’s classmates cheered her on as I presented the award and how kindness is celebrated in Warsaw Community Schools. We’re grateful to be part of how the schools acknowledge their Empathy Pillar.”

Congratulations to the Peace Builder Award winners and thank you to all students that exemplify the Empathy Pillar.

The students who were acknowledged last week are listed below:

  • Solimar Velez Alicea, Washington Elementary
  • Gracie Boren, Eisenhower Elementary
  • Ada Hackenberg, Jefferson Elementary
  • June Nightingale, Lincoln Elementary
  • Dhanishka Sudarsan, Harrison Elementary
  • Jeremiah Lee, Claypool Elementary
  • Leah Stafford, Leesburg Elementary
  • Logan Meads, Madison Elementary
  • Ariana Harmon, Edgewood Middle School
  • Evan Schneider, Lakeview Middle School
  • German Flores-Ortega, WCHS/WACC
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