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Allyn Decker Joins OrthoWorx as Vice President of Operations & Engagement

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OrthoWorx Indiana Posted by: OrthoWorx Indiana 9 months ago

OrthoWorx is excited to announce the appointment of Allyn Decker as the Vice President of Operations & Engagement, reinforcing its dedication to equipping the next generation and enriching community to support the Orthopedic Capital of the World® for years to come. In his new role, Erin Serafino, OrthoWorx’s Talent Director, and Amaris Ackermann, OrthoWorx’s Marketing & Communications Manager, will report to Decker. By leveraging his extensive experience and broad skillset, he will oversee and contribute to OrthoWorx’s key initiatives: Talent Pipeline, Community Enrichment, and Innovation.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to join the OrthoWorx team and look forward to contributing to the many initiatives underway and yet to come,” says Allyn Decker, “This is an exciting time to be focused on OrthoWorx’s mission to build a strong orthopedic pipeline, enrich our community’s amenities so more families and prospective employees want to live and work here, and foster continual innovation so our community remains the Orthopedic Capital of the World®. I trust that my leadership experience in industry, higher education, and community development will complement the work of this amazing team.”

Prior to joining OrthoWorx, Decker served as the Director of Community Engagement at Ivy Tech Community College’s Warsaw campus where he was responsible for strengthening existing partnerships and developing new ones within the community, industry, secondary education, and higher education. In addition to his many roles in higher education, he has crafted programming and training pathways for professional and organizational development including “Lake City University” while serving at Lake City Bank. Decker has also served as the moderator of the Kosciusko Leadership Academy for over 15 years and continues to do so.

In addition to his professional experience, Decker has been extremely active in the community with an extensive list of volunteer roles. He has served on the Board of Directors for Lakeland Christian Academy, the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation and others. He has also served on committees and coalitions for the Kosciusko Chamber, LaunchPad, Martin Luther King Jr. community committee, Kosciusko County Tobacco Free Coalition, OrthoWorx’s Diversity and many others. Mr. Decker was also named Man of the Year in January of 2023 during the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Bob Vitoux, OrthoWorx President & CEO commented, “It’s been a remarkable year for OrthoWorx with the announcement of the $30 million Orthopedic Industry Retention Initiative coming from the state of Indiana in fiscal 2025, the reconstruction and expansion of the OrthoWorx Board of Directors, the hiring of several new talented team members, and now the addition of Allyn Decker as the new leader responsible for our operations and engagement with our higher education partners. I’m confident Allyn’s leadership and addition to our team will begin to be recognizable and measurable in short order, as we continue to strive to be known as Northern Indiana’s Orthopedic Catalyst: Equipping the Next Generation, Enriching Community, and Accelerating Industry.

About OrthoWorx

Formed in 2009 with initial funding from the Lilly Endowment through the Orthopedic Capital Foundation, OrthoWorx initiatives feature community-based strategic collaborations with the orthopedic industry and other stakeholders to ensure that the Warsaw region continues to reap the social and economic benefits that derive from its position at the Orthopedic Capital of the World®.