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Kosciusko County Community Survey – Final Week

Final Week for Community Survey with the Welcomness Study

The community-wide Welcomeness Study is set to wrap up this next week as the survey comes to a close Thursday, May 16th. “OrthoWorx and our community partners have been delighted of the community response to the survey. More than 1,600 community members have shared their joys and concerns around living, working or playing in Kosciusko County,” stated Nichole Rouached, Manager, Communications and Projects at OrthoWorx.

According to Rouached, Kosciusko County’s vast natural attractions and wide array of professional opportunities help attract and retain talent. However, in a tight job market and with many workers choosing urban living, the community needs to know what keeps the local workforce and their families in the county and what can be done to better support those who interact with the county’s employers. Based on the first two phases of the Welcomeness Study that were carried out in the summer of 2018, housing and child care were identified as pressing concerns. “The survey will help collect valuable information for our community leaders so that we can make intentional and data-driven choices on directing community resources,” she said. “This is the best platform we can provide for our community to share their stories, both the successes and shortcomings of life in Kosciusko County.”

Community members who live, work or play in Kosciusko County are asked to complete the survey by Thursday, May 16th. Results from the survey will be shared in the coming months with the public as well as with various community and corporate organizations. The Welcomeness Study is being managed by BlackOnyx of Indianapolis. Cardinal Services and the Kosciusko County Community Foundation are partners with OrthoWorx in supporting the study.  To complete the survey, please visit: https://bit.ly/2UerIxZ The survey is also available in Spanish at: http://bit.ly/2Yi0c07


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