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Grace College Launches New Orthopaedic Graduate Program

Grace College and OrthoWorx are pleased to announce a new, updated curriculum for the Master of Science in Orthopaedic Regulatory and Clinical Affairs (ORCA) program.  The updated graduate program will be offered in an accelerated four-semester format beginning in January, 2018, at Grace’s Winona Lake campus.

After six years of successful operation and more than 100 graduates of ORCA, it was time to revise the program, according to Dr. Steve Grill, dean of community education at Grace College.  “As regulations in the orthopaedic industry constantly change, ORCA must change with them,” he said.  “We know that orthopaedic companies depend on ORCA graduates receiving the highest-quality, relevant education in the industry.  We’re committed to living up to that reputation for the long haul.”

ORCA is the only master’s degree program of its type in the country.  What makes it particularly unique and valuable to orthopaedic companies is Grace College’s partnership with industry catalyst OrthoWorx.  Brad Bishop, executive director of OrthoWorx, was an integral advisor in developing ORCA’s new curriculum.


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