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OrthoWorx Expands Membership, Welcomes OrthoPediatrics

WARSAW, Ind., October 2, 2014 –

OrthoWorx announced today that OrthoPediatrics Corp., a Warsaw-based company engaged in developing orthopedic devices for children, has joined OrthoWorx and will participate on its Strategic Advisory Board. OrthoPediatrics employs approximately 60 people in Warsaw.

“We are delighted to welcome OrthoPediatrics to membership in OrthoWorx,” said Sheryl Conley, President and CEO of OrthoWorx. “We have enjoyed an informal association with the company for some time, and we are excited that the company’s continued growth and maturation makes it possible to formalize our relationship. With the addition of OrthoPediatrics, we now have representation from large, well-established companies to significant supplier companies to an innovative smaller company working to fill an important niche.”

OrthoPediatrics is the first company whose total focus is helping children with orthopedic conditions and injuries by providing surgeons with anatomically appropriate implants. Children’s bones have anatomical differences such as growth plates that must be protected and curvatures that are greater than in adults. In the past, surgeons have had to modify implants that were primarily designed for adults in an effort to make them work in children.

“The issues that OrthoWorx focuses on—education, workforce development, community enhancement, innovation—are all very important to OrthoPediatrics,” said Mark Throdahl. OrthoPediatrics President and Chief Executive Officer. “There is a great need for the products our company develops. Part of building an enduring company that meets those needs is working with OrthoWorx and ensuring that our region can support the aspirations of our community and our industry.”

According to Conley, the growth of small, entrepreneurial companies is critical to the future vitality of the community. “We’ll maintain our position as the orthopedic capital of the world by assuring that our environment attracts and supports the people who will invent the next great patient treatment or who have the advanced skills to make the products that improve the lives of patients worldwide. Those same conditions will enable the broader region to flourish. We appreciate the confidence OrthoPediatrics has shown in the Warsaw area and look forward to working with them as partners in our initiatives.”

About OrthoWorx

Formed in 2009 with initial funding from the Lilly Endowment for the Orthopedics Capital Foundation, the OrthoWorx (www.orthoworxindiana.com) initiatives feature community-based strategic collaborations with the orthopedic industry and other stakeholders to ensure that the Warsaw region continues to reap the social and economic benefits that derive from its position as The Orthopedic Capital of the World.®

About OrthoPediatrics Corp.

OrthoPediatrics is the only orthopedic company focused exclusively on orthopedic devices for children. Founded in 2007, the Company has become the only end-to-end provider to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, introducing 16 surgical systems—the broadest pediatric offering in the orthopedic industry. It has also developed the only global pediatric orthopedic sales and distribution system, with distributors in 30 countries outside the USA. Over the last two years, OrthoPediatrics has increased its headcount from 48 to an anticipated 87 by year-end. It has also indirectly added to local employment at the contract manufacturing companies that produce its products.

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