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OrthoWorx Member Spotlight: Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership: Meet the Next Generation of Leaders

MLA member Carrie Schieber (left) talks with Darlene Stanley (right), president of Johnson Junction, during a speed-networking event including Millennial 2020 MLA members and business leaders.

Millennials, those roughly between the ages of 15 and 25, are ambitious, driven and committed to bettering their communities. With the right opportunities, Millennials are becoming invested in the places where they work, study and play.

In 2010, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership (NEIRP) launched Vision 2020 to bring the region together around five key areas of economic growth. In 2012, it launched Millennial 2020 as an extension of Vision 2020. Millennial 2020 aims to further engage young adults by actively involving them in our regional vision process and empowering them to change the story of Northeast Indiana.

When Millennial 2020 began, young adults in the region were surveyed to help shape the program. When asked what challenges we face to create change, a majority said there was a lack of opportunity for career advancement, support for young entrepreneurs and a lack of resources to encourage success.

Millennial 2020 offers members of its Millennial Leaders Alliance (MLA) networking opportunities with regional leaders and organizations, conducts Spark Tank competitions for young entrepreneurs and provides opportunities for members to help advance Vision 2020 priorities.

These efforts are paying off. In a recent survey of MLA members, 69 percent said they strongly agree they feel attached to the region. That is a 32 percent increase!

It’s through programs like Millennial 2020 and the OrthoWorx Diversity Council, which seeks to involve all members that the next generation of business and community leaders is establishing roots and stepping up to shape our region’s future.

Millennials want to be involved in their communities. They want to help guide the future of our region. It’s up to us to let our emerging leaders know their voices are heard.

For more information about Millennial 2020, visit millennial2020.com.

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